To pay online, click which facility you rent at below.

To create an online account, you will need to know your unit # & gate access code or last 7 digits of the phone # we have on file. Please refer to your lease.


BROTHER’S STORAGE  (W395 N5850 Trek Trail)

 **Enter your unit # with 3 digits (I.E. 001)**


COMMERCE STORAGE (1201 Commerce Street)

**Enter your unit # with 3 digits & end with C    (I.E. 012C)**


PARKWAY STORAGE  (1080 Oconomowoc Parkway)

**Enter your unit # with 3 digits & end with P    (I.E. 012P)**


SKISLIDE STORAGE  (N7777 Ski Slide Road)

**Enter your unit # with 3 digits (I.E. 001)**



  • If you rent at more than 1 location, you will need to make separate online accounts/payments for each location.

  • If your unit is over locked & you pay your full balance, you must notify our office to have the over lock removed.

  • If you have a handicapped unit, your unit # will end with the letter H (I.E 400CH).


If you need help creating an online account, call our office at 262-567-1100 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8:30 AM-5 PM).