Tips for Successful Self Storage
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  • Store your property entirely off the concrete floor, especially cardboard boxes and furniture, by using pallets or 2×4’s.  Periodically unheated units may have condensation on floor.
  • Use boxes of similar size. They’re easier to unload, to stack and to pack up again. Remember to stack heavy boxes on the bottom.
  • Always leave a walkway into your storage unit. You want to have easy access to all items in the unit without having to move anything around.
  • Call your insurance company and tell them your goods are being stored, have them covered. We do not carry insurance on your property and do not take responsibility. PURCHASE PROPERTY INSURANCE.
  • Leave air space between your items and the wall to increase air circulation in the unit.
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  • Drain gasoline and oil from lawnmowers and other small engines before storing.
  • Drain water from boats before storing.
  • You must use the heavy duty cylinder lock we provided to you. Using any other type of lock is not permitted.
  • If storing a refrigerator or other appliances, leave the door ajar to prevent mold from growing inside.
  • Use mattress bags and furniture dust covers.
  • Do not use pest deterrents, they will ATTRACT rodents. Stuff fabric softener sheets around sofas, in boats, etc…, it will do the trick.